Early Years page 12a

When the war was over, the men of the Australian fighting forces returned to usher in a new era in our history. There was a positive and euphoric post-war atmosphere. The people were more motivated and the economy of the nation had taken a turn for the better. Australia had once more made its mark in the history books of the world and would never be known as a colony again. This brought with it the problem of housing new families as at last the population was looking farther abroad than the city and its immediate surrounds for places in which to settle. The people were casting their eyes as far as the northern beaches. Thus was the resultant influx of population, a critical housing shortage and the commencement of the building boom.
In 1946, the parish of Narrabeen came to life with the arrival of the much loved Father Aniiel Sobb.
The school continued to grow: in 1945, Sister Veronica McNamara was
appointed to assist in the school with Mother Fidelis travelling from Dee
Why twice a week for music lessons. The original Sisters were followed in
1946-47 by Sister M. de Pazzi (Pike) and Sister Columba (Bowman).
Following the sudden death of Sister Coluniba on 31st May, 1947, Sister
Louis (Callaghan) was appointed to St Joseph’s.

First Communion 1947

Photos courtesy of Mrs D Van der Veer (Rose) and Mr B Rose.