Early Years page 01

As this century is fast closing, and we are rapidly moving towards the year 2000, we realise that more technological advancement has occurred in the last 50 years than in the whole of the time preceding: things like the aeroplane, satellites and the space shuttle; things like radio, television and the computer. It is hard to envisage the hardships and sacrifices endured by our early settlers, priests and, of course, the wonderful band of 48 Good Samaritan nuns who have given service to our parish school.
The year was 1939
- the year World War II broke out - the year that so many Australians will never forget.
Somehow, we had struggled through the years of the depression that had so many families on the dole depending on the soup kitchens for a meal. With many men volunteering and many more being conscripted into the fighting services, came for the first time, the regularity of a pay-envelope in the family pocket.
Out on the northern beaches of Sydney, the suburb of Narrabeen lazed away in the sun and salt air with just a few holiday makers enjoying the glorious beaches and fishing in the wild lake. The tram from Manly finished at the Narrabeen Terminus and a coach would convey travellers to the more northern parts of the peninsular.