St Rose Statue

ST Rose Statue

Parishioners Annette and Gary West lost their daughter Belinda Jane on 9 May 1977. They consulted with Fr Grady for a memorial to be erected in her memory. As it happened a statue of St Rose of Lima was being considered by the Parish. The concept of the statute as a memorial to Belinda was offered to the West’s who accepted this proposal. The scope of works was given to the church Architects, Fowell, Mansfield, Jarvis & Maclurcan. The renowned Sculptor, Tom Bass, was engaged to research St Rose and produce a statue of her approximately 2m tall. The statue was erected in the front garden of the church in time for the Feast Day of St Rose on 23 August 1978.

Unfortunately just before Christmas 1998 drunken vandals threw a rope around the statue and with the use of a vehicle dragged the Statue up the road and into a steel barrier on a Pedestrian crossing in Veterans Parade. It was beyond repair which caused upset to the parishioners and made the News Headlines. The culprits were never caught, however one of them

wrote to the West Family care of the Manly Daily on 14 December 1998, offering an apology and enclosing $2,000.00 to go towards a new statue.

This damage had occurred whilst Fr Leivesley was ill and the Narraweena P.P. Dr. W. B. Aliprandi was administering St Rose. He commissioned Donna Littlejohn, of the Tom Bass Sculptor School, to rebuild the Statue. The rebuilt statue was erected in time for the Feast Day of St Rose held on 23 August 1999.

The Blessing of the Statue took place on Sunday August 22 1999 and was attended by Government Dignitaries, Sculptor’s Tom Bass and Donna Littlejohn, the West Family, Fr’s Don Leivesley & W Aliprandi, Local Clergy, leading Parishioners, School Principal, Teachers and Choir. 

Fr. Aliprandi and Fr Leivesley leading the liturgy for the blessing of new status of St Rose.

Bob Basham provided some history and a word of thanks.

Fr Aliprandi, Gwen Chapman and Bob Basham with the model of now completed statue.

Local member for Federal Parliament, Bronwyn Bishop offers words of support.

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