Parish Office

St Rose Presbytery / Parish Office.

Due to there being no Presbytery at the time of his appointment, Fr Grady lived in the Vestry (now the Children’s Liturgy Space) at the north end of the church with make-do living arrangements. Thus a permanent Presbytery was a high priority. Fortunately an old weatherboard cottage at 56 Veterans Pde on the corner of Rose Ave and adjoining the Church property become available and was purchased on 1 November 1971.

But the cottage was very unsatisfactory for long term use and therefore Fr Grady appointed Architect Adrian Hickey of Sydney G. Hurst & Kennedy P/L, to design a new Presbytery and apply to the Council for Building Approval, which was submitted early in 1972. However major difficulties arose due to the size of the property, Council Building Regulations regarding the street boundaries with minimum building set back from each. As it was found that the old cottage was built before Regulations existed for the area, in that there was now insufficient space on the Rose Ave boundary to construct a new building with the regulated set-backs.

The problem of obtaining approval for a new building was overcome by submitting an application for Alterations & Additions, which fitted into the Council Regulations, thus the design was for one room of the original cottage to be retained with a new two story building constructed around it. This provided accommodation for two priests with all conveniences including Office, Interview Room and Fireproof Strong Room for Parish records.

Much negotiation with Council was needed before approval was achieved and finally parishioner and builder Kevin Dunn was able to provide a tendered on 8 July 1972 for the work.

This was accepted and in a very short time Fr Grady had a home before Christmas of that year, with the Garage not constructed until 1973.
Later, after the arrival of Fr Leivesley, security fencing and window grilles were added due to several break-ins.

This Presbytery is now the Lakes Parish Office.