The source for this story came from letters and other documents, such as letters and newspapers, found in an old Parish Office Filing Cabinet, with the aid of a number of elders who were there at the time, together with writings and photographs provided by other past and current Parishioners. Without these memories this story could not have been written.

We acknowledge particularly -

Julie Adrian, Frank van Asten, Barbara Cansdell, Cordelia Clark, Gwen Chapman,
Kevin Dunn, Gillian Evers, Bill Fisher-Cripps, Jim Gair, Tony Jeffries, Colleen Moore, Owen Oates, Pam O’Reilly, Hans van Schie, Cliff Parker & Josie Vescio.

Another very important source was a Photo Album belonging to Fr Grady, which was left with other documents in the Office Filing Cabinet, which gave further leads.

Where stories of events differed with conflicting information, the most likely scenario has been recorded.

Researched & written by Bob Moore May 2013.