Our Parish Story and History

Parish History is a new web site and is currently under development. 

We hope that through this site to build a comprehensive history of our parish, its churches and schools.

We have a number of people within the parish that have contributed to the material,  and currently Bob Moore is collating this information to help create the initial site.

We do not expect this site to contain the complete details and facts, but we will start and hope to gather information as we go. 

We will also restructure the material from time to time, making it easier to read and research.

Please read and enjoy what we have and if you have something to add, whether just a picture or a fact or anecdote drop the history team an email or contact Bob Moore via Parish Office.

We will start by building the history around the the subject heading listed below.

  1. Lakes Parish Overview
  2. St Rose
  3. St Joseph's
  4. Parish Office


  1. St Rose Primary School
  2. St. Joseph's Primary School
  3. Mater Maria College

Anecdotes and personal reflections from parishioners.

Enjoy and look forward to hearing from you.